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Familiar Story Scene:
From Remember to Forget (A Cozy Mystery)

“…Dedra could use that money for college.”
“Actually,” the mom replies, “Dedra wants to be an actress.”
“Or… a detective,” Dedra adds.  
“Really?” Detective Corey smiles. “Dedra we have a head start program for students to see our field for themselves.”
“I would love that.”

Guess What?
She certainly did! Dedra chose the career path of a detective. Find out in Punished By Silence how she got her nickname “Detective Kare Bear.”

Amnesia vs. Forgiveness? A Cozy Mystery Collection
Experience a cozy mini-mystery collection, centered around two sisters, as they work together to outsmart their psychological dilemma known as Triangulation. Both in-and-out of their traffic to bond, the story villains of dysfunction find themselves at the mercy of the sisters' detective skill, clever nature, and counter-manipulation.

*Retrograde Amnesia is a psychological inability to ever recall the past dated before the trauma which caused the amnesia.

Many Mini-Mysteries 

These plot-twisting, cozy mystery, eBooks range from 22 to 55 pages (20 minutes). Also available on audiobook. Enjoy them all on any device from retailers like Kindle, Apple iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Prices range from $0.99 to $2.99.  

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Detective Kare Bear?
Discover how Detective Dedra Kare got her "Kare Bear" nickname, and who gave it to her, in Punished By Silence.

Their Agreement
Learn more about the special agreement between Dedra and another character in the cozy mystery Remember to Forget.

from inside Book 1: Remember to Forget

Share your own thoughts on the Book Discussion Questions with all of us in your book review. This story, in part, explores the psychological struggle in family dynamics known as Triangulation. From identifying story symbolism, to rhyming your own experiences, we thank you in advance for taking the time out to communicate your thoughts and/or your book review.

Find the list of Book Discussion Questions at the end of Book 1 Remember to Forget: A Cozy Mini-Mystery

What Style is Cozy Mystery?

A Cozy Mystery is a mystery genre in which violence, sex, and crimes are either minimized or blended with humor to produce less explicit tones. It is the exact the opposite style of Hard Boiled, which is more pronounced in blood visuals, crime specifics, and sexual details.

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The Karma’s Revenge series blends and twists mystery with psychology. It’s a cozy fictional story line where awareness wins. A mini-series where the heroes are ultimately acceptance and audacity. You’ll tour psychological dilemmas like Amnesia, Autism, narcissistic abuse, and predicaments “Punished by Silence.” You’ll also experience a crime mystery range from family dramas to Hollywood disappearances, from a bachelor party whodunit, to the trial of “Karma’s Collection.”  

Book 3

free cozy mystery ebook
It's a very different shotgun wedding as a future in-law is murdered the night before the wedding. And son-in-law is arrested before flying away to the honeymoon destination. The town suspects his bachelor party, which he never attended, was a planned alibi.

Gun smoke fills the air with a runaway bride, a clever psychologist, dangerous shenanigans, and another in-law... in law. It's a cozy mini-mystery rematch with Detective Dedra Kare. But will she still Remember to Forget, after being Punished By Silence? And can the Clue Queen both chase down the truth, and win an extra bet, before the smoke clears from The Shotgun's Wedding?

*This eBook functions both within the series and as a stand alone mystery. Visit us and find out how to get the first 2 books free.

"Stress changes the truth for itself. Peace changes itself for the truth" - Jwyan C. Johnson

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Shenanigan's Alibi
Chapter 2: Shotgun Wedding Smoke
Chapter 3: Bonnie or Clyde?
Chapter 4: Learning in Disguise
Chapter 5: Bridesmaid Bouquet of Clues
Chapter 6: The Invisible Oops
Chapter 7: Memory Check, Please
Chapter 8: Know Collusion?
Chapter 9: Smoke & Mirrors

+ A Series Spinoff

cozy mystery whodunit

Inside the story The Shotgun's Wedding (Book 3), did you know the runaway bride's book with the missing pages is a real book? And that "tricky little sister" becomes a kindergarten teacher with Christian Parables. Want to experience one FREE?

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