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Did you notice the symbolism and homonym effect with Judge Mintall (judgemental)? What about the secret double-meaning suggested by the arresting Captain in Remember to Forget? And who else may have made that anonymous call for the Clue Queen herself? Enjoy the list of book discussion questions. Other "spoiler alert" questions are located inside the pages of the Karma's Revenge collection as well as Christian Parables and the psychology spinoff: Peace from the Puzzle
Book Club Question One:
  • Who do you suppose was the anonymous caller requesting the Clue Queen?
  • What do you think the Teddy Bear symbolized? Find out in Clues & Extras with the password.
Book Club Question One:
Be the juror. How did you feel initially about Curtis' evasive, calculating, secretive nature before discovering what his students figured before the trial? And, metaphorically speaking, have you "already knew" a character like Curtis?

Book Club Question Two:
For symbolism, how did you feel about the judge's controversial ruling to proceed? Consider that Judge Mintall (or judgmental) had no personal stake. So what motivation persisted? How accurate is this in real life from "allowing shenanigans," preserving misunderstandings, and ignoring core rules?

Book Club Question Three:
The second offer Curtis agreed to (in Chapter 5: The Invisible Oops) symbolizes the forced relationship between introverts and extroverts. What are your thoughts on the agreement being called "our offer?" Considering the natural condition, do you feel this offer was a fair trade or a subliminal way to racketeer indifference?"

Discover story symbolism and much more in Clues & Extras with the password.
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Book Club Questions
from Book 4:
Amplified Weapon: A Cozy Mini-Mystery

Share your own thoughts on the Book Discussion Questions (inside the book) with all of us in your book review. This story, in part, explores the psychological struggle in family dynamics known as Triangulation. From identifying story symbolism, to rhyming your own experiences, we thank you in advance for taking the time out to communicate your thoughts and/or your book review.
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