A Cozy Mini-Mystery Collection

How is faith like ice-cream? And which bible topic is just like last year's calendar? Feel the fun challenge of riddles to solve, verses to remember, and morals to share all at once!

WordPlay ® is an interactive bible memory technique which animates scriptures to a mystery story rhythm of brand new christian parables! It's Sunday School from home with your family's favorite teacher: YOU!

Inspire others with Family Skits, and Index of Scriptures, Fun Facts in these new parables, and do it all with the symbolism of today!

Book 1

Imagine a biblical playground of new riddles and parables where the scriptures themselves actually play along with you! WordPlay® is a twist-n-learn experience of fun mystery & a better bible memory at the same time, on the same page! Discover a ventriloquist without his puppet, watch a blind architect, and witness a hide-n-seek champion who finally finds himself! With plenty more tales, and with the symbolism of today, you're all set to share Morals, Fun Facts, the Instant Replay & Family Skits to instantly inspire the bible study in others! For all ages.

Book 2

How is faith like ice-cream? What bible topic is like last year's calendar? Discover the easy and fun way to bible study. You'll instantly taste the difference of Sunday School with a twist: new riddles and parables! With only her "rocky road" ice-cream, a little girl learns about the conditions of faith. And a detective investigates a sleeping courtroom mystery. With plenty more, WordPlay® is a biblically exciting blend of new mystery, morals, symbolism, fun facts, discussion questions, character challenges, family skit versions, and a built-in hyperlinked bible index. Fill your "thirsty cup" to the top!