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Extra Story Scene:

retrograde amnesia
[Knock Knock]
“You girls doing okay,” Detective Corey asks.
“I love your office chair,” Janine replies.
"Apparently you also like my CD player."
"Detective," Dedra asks, "how did you get Image Reflection's new album before its release?”
"I didn't; this is his first album! But since it came out before your amnesia, you wouldn't remember. Who told you this album was new?”

Dedra glances over at a smiling Janine with her head down.

"Still the practical joker, huh?”
“That’s right I still got it, Lily. Oops-I-mean I still got it Dedra.”
“Ha ha. You are the queen of silly.”
The End

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Share your own thoughts on the Book Club Questions with all of us in your book review. This amnesia story, in part, explores the psychological struggle in family dynamics known as Triangulation. From identifying story symbolism, to rhyming your own experiences, we thank you in advance for taking the time out to communicate your quick and honest review here.

The Series Continues:

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Story Scene:
From Remember to Forget (A Cozy Mystery)

“…Dedra could use that money for college.”
“Actually,” the mom replies, “Dedra wants to be an actress.”
“Or… a detective,” Dedra adds.  
“Really?” Detective Corey smiles. “Dedra we have a head start program for students to see our field for themselves.”
“I would love that.”

And she certainly did! Dedra chose the career path of a detective. Find out in Punished By Silence how she got her nickname “Detective Kare Bear.”

Real "Missing Pages" in the Pages?

Did you know Chapter 9's fictional book, with the missing pages, is actually real book? By the same author, Narcissistic Puzzle Peace is a riddle with symbolism which animates the stages, phrases, and psychological terms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. As this cozy mystery stated, there's a toxic handshake between emotional abuse and a pathological narcissist. 

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Find Peace from the Puzzle

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