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New Law in Utopia

“All candidates for Supreme Court Judge must forfeit their whole political identity. There can be no proof they are Republican or Democrat.”

Obviously “we the people” are free to guess. But a “no comment” is required by any judge wishing to become and remain a candidate for the highest court in the land. Imagine the following:

“Judge,” Kaitlyn asks. “how do you feel about Capital Punishment or a women’s right to choose?”

“No Comment.”

“Aha! I understand. And good luck to you Your Honor.”

(Clearly this is not Judge Mintall)

This new law expands fairness, preserves a maverick move, and is a better host to all the facts in a hearing. Instead of justice split of 3-to-6 or even 5-to-4, let’s go all-for-one and one-for-all with “liberty and justice for all.”

The Queens of Utopia have spoken! You’ll do it.

Character Commentary:

This article is inspired by the Governor featured in Book 5 Karma’s Collection: A Cozy Mini-Mystery.