Many Mini-Mysteries 

Inside the story The Shotgun's Wedding (Book 3), did you know the runaway bride's missing book, with the missing pages, is a real book? Narcissistic Puzzle Peace is a fun psychology spinoff of the series along with others. These plot-twisting, cozy mystery eBook collection ranges from 22 to 50 pages (20 minutes). Enjoy them all on any device from all retailers like Amazon Kindle, Apple iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Overdrive, Smashwords International. Prices range from $0.99 to $2.99. Also available as a FREE audiobook sample.

whodunnit cozy mystery

From Punished By Silence

Story Scene:
“Doctor I’m fine,” Dedra manages to say without her eyes. “But this little girl’s living out all the elements of narcissistic abuse: food deprivation, emotional gaslighting, and a dismissive co-dependent mother!”

There's a toxic handshake between emotional abuse and narcissistic abuse. Learn more about these hidden tactics of manipulative people inside the book The Riddle & Clues of Puzzling People.

From the "Tricky Little Sister"

The "tricky little sister" from Remember to Forget went on to become teach Sunday School and later Kindergarten. 

Tip-toe with Tom as he sneaks past Lady Luck to the higher yet deeper place called Faith. It is here where one remarkable blindfold unlocks his other "senses." Family skits included. And it's FREE.

From Remember to Forget

Story Scene

from Remember to Forget: A Cozy Mini-Mystery

“I’ve always suspected Janine had a high-functioning form of Autism. I hesitated exploring further because so many of her behavioral traits have nothing to do with that condition. But after hearing what she’s alleging now, maybe your parents were using Janine’s naturally shy nature to deflect attention away from their own self-made condition of narcissistic parenting! Considering the effects of emotional abuse, this plays out psychologically. Janine could absolutely be telling us the truth.”


High-functioning Autism is called Asperger’s Syndrome. Find out more about this condition in a short a tale of tips, terms, and traits in The Aspie Fable.

From The Shotgun's Wedding

Line up once more as Janine faces her class. Unmask the how & the why of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and it's pathological control tactics.
Learn more about "the agreement" between Dedra and another character. Also share the Book Club Questions inside with your group.

Story Scene:
From Remember to Forget (A Cozy Mystery)

“…Dedra could use that money for college.”
“Actually,” the mom replies, “Dedra wants to be an actress.”
“Or… a detective,” Dedra adds.  
“Really?” Detective Corey smiles. “Dedra we have a head start program for students to see our field for themselves.”
“I would love that.”

And she certainly did! Dedra chose the career path of a detective. Find out in Punished By Silence how she got her nickname “Detective Kare Bear.”

Both series the Karma’s Revenge and Detective Kare Bear blend and twist mystery with psychology. It’s a cozy fictional story line where awareness wins. A mini-series where the heroes are ultimately acceptance and audacity. You’ll tour psychological dilemmas like Amnesia, Autism, narcissistic abuse, and predicaments “Punished by Silence.” You’ll also experience a crime mystery range from family dramas to Hollywood disappearances, from bachelor party whodunit, to the trial of “Karma’s Collection.”  

What Style is the Cozy Mystery eBook?

A Cozy Mystery is a mystery genre in which violence, sex, and crimes are either minimized or blended with humor to produce less explicit tones. It is the exact the opposite style of Hard Boiled, which is more pronounced in blood visuals, crime specifics, and sexual details.